Transforming airline brands’ customer experience

27 October 2020 — Shaping the airline brand experience post-crisis The airline industry is at a crossroads, facing significant challenges even before Covid-19. Here, we evaluate how airline brands must transform to be future-fit....

By Peter Knapp and Helen Firth
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Future of workplace — reimagining the role of the office

18 September 2020 — The forced change of “going remote” has flipped a switch for many companies, accelerating their adoption of digital transformation initiatives, demanding a rethink of how they can deliver their products and services, and define new ways of working for all of their employees.

By Natalie De Paz

Demystifying the world of Esports

11 September 2020 — Welcome to Landor’s esports series! In the coming weeks, we will dig under the skin of the industry, discover more about its meteoric rise in popularity and why, we believe,...

By Hiran Adhia

Drop the girl power ‘shtick’ when marketing womens sport

7 August 2020 — As we battle with the implications of the pandemic, fears are growing that women’s sport could lose a whole generation of grassroots participation as government bodies prioritise saving the men’s professional industry. But women’s sports have been a footnote to the men’s story long before Covid-19. In no other industry is gender split greater than subject split (when you hear basketball, do you picture men and women?). Nowhere else are we so openly and obviously willing to save one gender over the other.

By Rebecca Derrick

Are we witnessing the re-birth of Purpose?

20 July 2020 — The world is in crisis – acute in 2020 – but the signs have been here for far longer. Societal inequality, environmental catastrophe, the quandary of capitalism. We are all...

By Sophie Lord

Leading through the unexpected

8 July 2020 —   I don’t think anyone can say that 2020 has turned out to be the year they expected. As a people leader in a global organization, I have found this...

By Carol-Ann White

What’s next then?

28 May 2020 — I imagine, that if your day is anything like mine, you are sitting in your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or garden table if you are lucky, having done 3 or...

By Carol-Ann White

Sport: A positive platform in a pandemic

30 March 2020 — How can firms even think about growth at a time where their primary product, live sport, is no longer available for fans? History and data have taught us that when brands act effectively in a time of crisis, they emerge far stronger than competitors after the event. So, what can sports brands do to remain relevant when disappearing is not an option?

By Gary Bryant and Rebecca Benson