Tis’ the season for indulgence. How food can build your brand.

10 December 2021 — The science of happiness figured out the compounds in certain foods that make us happy. Brands are the same. Each brand you interact with has been carefully crafted and composed to evoke certain emotions. If food and brands are designed to do the same thing (make us feel good) what happens when you combine the power of both? Could food be your brand's untapped superpower? Leading brands think so. Here's how.

By Daye Moffitt and Liz Kreuger and Avni Chandaria

Feel Your Way to Success

5 November 2021 — Discover how to create a compelling brand idea, define the emotional narrative and develop a strong brand signature for your customers.

By Morgan Holt

The Age of Retail Experimentation

13 October 2021 — We have not seen such rapid retail change since the dawn of smartphones. While many are trying to predict the future, the only way to navigate successfully is to test and learn. 'The age of retail experimentation' shares three areas every consumer-facing brand should be briefing their teams on, in order to get agile concepts to market.

By Antonio Marazza and Aaron Shields

Sustainable Packaging: Unpacking the Opportunities for Brand

23 September 2021 — In a world where packaging is in the bullseye of plastic waste, how can brands shift usage to build a strong brand that disrupts on physical and digital shelves, whilst also connecting with consumers in their daily lives?

By Anna Kohl and Cécile Jolly

Using great storytelling to elevate your destination brand

7 July 2021 — As COVID-19 travel restrictions begin to ease in many countries, destination brands are preparing to spearhead the economic recovery, welcoming new guests and finding ways to ensure they visit again. But how destinations present their brands will be fundamental to how well they recover.

By Gary Bryant