Tech Gender Brand: Are you a part of the problem or the solution?

12 July 2019 — The sixth in a global series, Landor’s Tech Gender Brand event in San Francisco brought together a community of marketing and business leaders for a provocative panel discussion around the intersection of technology, gender and brands—brands of today and of the future.


Digital branding for hotels: The four E’s to success

26 April 2019 — Future winners and losers in hospitality will be determined based on how much they embrace digital to transform every aspect of their brand to create new, personalized, carefully curated and meaningfully differentiated emotional experiences for guests, write Landor’s Lulu Raghavan and Cornell’s Chekitan S. Dev. Much is at stake in a market heading toward a trillion dollars in value.

By Lulu Raghavan and Chekitan S. Dev

Design at the speed of market

22 April 2019 — Today’s pace of business is faster. Disruption is normal, which makes alignment crucial. The market demands a faster, more agile approach to brand-building. So, we invented one: Landor Lab.


Airlines look to the past to stand out in the future

18 April 2019 — How could it possibly be worthwhile for airlines to park painted planes at airports rather than have them soar? They’re more than just expensive billboards; according to Nick Foley, who says brand is more powerful than flight.

By Nick Foley

Gen Z and brands: A new dynamic

17 April 2019 — You’ve never known a world without the internet in your pocket. Information has never been more than a Google search away. Products are in-hand with just an Amazon order. Friends wait across the screen via WhatsApp while your life is laid out, carefully curated on Instagram.

By Sanjana Mathur