AI for the people: cautious optimism

12 February 2019 — Last month, 180,000 people (including representatives of 4,500 brands and me) traveled to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to get a first look at new gadgets and...

By Thomas Ellingson
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When is a Brand Experience Valuable?

8 February 2019 — The persistent danger is that brands create experiences for experience’s sake rather than in the service of a particular objective, says Thomas Sutton.

By Thomas Sutton
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Festive branding with purpose

7 December 2018 — While the holidays are a great time to engage with consumers, it's also a time when competition is at its peak. How does a brand stand out while staying true to its identity?


Industry heroes: Walter Landor

29 November 2018 — Branding and design pioneer Walter Landor had an approach that would be just as relevant even today, says Landor's Nick Foley

By Nick Foley