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Buy, Build or…?

15 November 2019 — The growing demand for new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and ever-more eclectic data pools is a driving force behind the advantages of alliances, joint ventures and strategic investments as a preamble and additional approach to M&A.

By Louis Sciullo
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The future of branding is activism

16 October 2019 — Ash Stapleton speaks to why during this time of climate crisis and global interest in sustainability it has never been more important for brands to take a stand.

By Ashley Stapleton

Putting utility back in utilities

6 September 2019 — A utility. A commodity. A low-involvement product. Call it what you will, electricity and the brands associated with it barely register with customers. But that’s all about to change, as the energy sector undergoes a seismic shift.

By Andrew Welch and Gary Bryant
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Technologies in branding: When and how to use new tools in creating a visual identity

4 September 2019 — The possibilities of technology open up a wide field for experimentation, especially for designers. Visual solutions are not limited only by 2-D screen space: The transition of consumers to a digital sphere, the technologies of virtual and augmented reality, the ability of a computer to conduct multivariate data analysis in real-time and change the visualization of results—all these things give unlimited space for creativity. 

By Nicholas Zeuss
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Brands and trust: Bridge the gap or die

12 August 2019 — Our society has always been grounded in a framework of trust. Whether we are grabbing our morning coffee, buying our weekly groceries, or visiting our favorite restaurants, we trust that our experiences will be positive and that our time and money are worth the return.

By Ella Campbell