Using great storytelling to elevate your destination brand

7 July 2021 — As COVID-19 travel restrictions begin to ease in many countries, destination brands are preparing to spearhead the economic recovery, welcoming new guests and finding ways to ensure they visit again. But how destinations present their brands will be fundamental to how well they recover.

By Gary Bryant

Work is no longer where you go, but what you do

9 June 2021 — As we look to the future, it’s the perfect time for businesses to look at the stuff that has worked and the stuff that hasn’t, how to make the most of the benefits of hybrid working and how to foster a stronger culture within that.

By Carol-Ann White

Creating Seamless Commerce Experiences

14 May 2021 — Morgan Holt, Global Executive Experience Director, Landor & Fitch spoke alongside our client, Jennie Weber, SVP Experience Design & Insights, Best Buy at WPP’s Commerce Conference 2021. Morgan and Jennie...


Sustainability: the hidden role of brand

21 April 2021 — Most brands are approaching sustainability in similar ways, they risk generating undifferentiated content, multiplying investments, and diluting the strength of their brands in an effort to pursue ever-higher standards. This is risky since brand should instead be the real driver of differentiation. Approaching sustainability through the lens of brand can provide the answer.

By Luc Speisser and Antonio Marazza and Federica Pinetti