Super Bowl LI: The good, the bad, and the ugly

6 February 2017 — Buick and Miranda Kerr. Audi and women’s rights. KFC going for gold. Super Bowl LI came with a whole host of ads, but which ones really made an impact? Trevor Wade, Landor’s global marketing director, discusses.

By Trevor Wade

What made a logo great

18 January 2017 — Creating purpose, driving distinctiveness, increasing visibility, establishing memorability. What is a logo really meant to accomplish? Wally Krantz explains what historically made—and still makes—a logo great.

By Wally Krantz

The world of tomorrow, as told by CES

13 January 2017 — Fragmentation, storytelling, experimentation: How will these factors influence branding and technology in the coming years? Thomas Sauvage lays out insights and observations from CES.

By Thomas Sauvage

What if…Landor goes galactic?

15 December 2016 — In celebration of the new year and our 75th anniversary, Marc Hershon looks ahead 75 years, imagining the future of Landor on its 150th birthday and considering the countless changes in between.

By Marc Hershon