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When tradition meets modernity, the results can be delicious. Imperia, a pasta-making maestro since 1932, found itself craving a dash of innovation to spice up its well-loved heritage. Inspired by the brand idea “il genio di forma e sostanza", literally meaning "the genius of shapes and materials", we set out to let creativity flourish, enabling machines to create any kind of pasta shape.
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Our recipe for success? Blend the essence of Italy's culinary tradition with a sprinkle of disruptive cues. The result? A vibrant and dynamic brand identity that appeals to both traditional pasta lovers and modern culinary enthusiasts.
        We created an illustrative design system inspired by Imperia’s products. A pasta-inspired typeface and a colour palette as rich as nonna's ragu became the key ingredients. The brand logo was transformed into a pasta machine roller, carving out recognisable pasta shapes across all communication channels. We stirred in a visual system that dances like pasta shapes in boiling water, infusing a motion soul that turns machines into culinary maestros. This is Imperia, reinvented.

In Italy, pasta making is an art - a dance of dough that's as much about the process as it is about the final plate. We kneaded this Italian 'fatto a mano' (handmade) ethos into every strand of the brand. We created a custom typeface, Sfoglia Grotesk, inspired by "Sfoglie", or pasta sheets, adding distinctive character and charm to the brand's typography.

Imperia is reimagining the pasta-making experience for the global market, stirring in creativity and serving up progress. Drawing from Bruno Munari’s “Useless Machines”, we created a 3D system that brings the new positioning to life, transforming these “Useless Machines” into “Useful and Playful Machines”.
        With a generous helping of Italian spirit, we've crafted a brand that values what people value most. More of what you want, less of what you don't. This is pasta your way, with a uniquely Italian twist.

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