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Welcome to Chicago’s hottest neighbourhood – West Loop. Home to longtime and new residents, and business owners, this cultural powerhouse needed a fresh brand identity that would resonate with its dynamic community, evolve its mission and stand out from its famous neighbour, the Loop.
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West Loop’s identity is changing, fast. And everyone sees it a little differently. Our brand needed to cement its new identity as a neighbourhood to live, work and visit. But we also needed to honour the past of West Loop and the memories that Chicagoans still hold there. The right solution would embody the new mission of West Loop Community Org (WLCO), in ways that would resonate with anyone – from holdout business owners to total newcomers.
Our design and brand concept, "Into the Loop," is inspired by the past, present and people of West Loop, aiming to create a shared device that can be embraced by all. It symbolizes not just the process of keeping everyone informed but also encapsulates the individual journeys of each person here, highlighting how these experiences connect them with the entire community.
        The design incorporates individual motion loops with unique colours that reflect the heritage of Chicago's Meat Packing District, such as subway map colours, old bricks, new bricks and cast-iron buildings. These interactive loops feature custom typography inspired by the area’s industrial heritage, allowing users to create their own story in West Loop.
We brought a refreshed brand identity to life that is truly built by and for the people who live, work and visit the area. Staying relevant to those it’ll impact. And showcasing the creativity of WLCO as West Loop continues to evolve into the future. 
        With a new identity and narrative redefining the West Loop story, we can engage with the community more than ever before. Through the "create your own loop" digital experience, individuals can express their unique connection to West Loop, reinforcing the idea that everyone's journey here is distinct.