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Product design is often preventing 360 million people from using everyday products. Long development times, costs, and production processes all contribute to an inaccessible world. To solve these challenges, we created {access}ories, a new standard for accessible design, using transformative innovations in oral care design, technology and manufacturing to make oral health accessible to all, now.
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We spend 113,760 minutes of our lives brushing our teeth.
        For the 360 million people living with dexterity challenges worldwide, this activity is a daily pain. Unable to easily brush their teeth using today’s toothbrushes, they’re forced to hack products themselves. Because when it comes to accessible product design, one size doesn’t fit all.
        Using our Accessible Design Now! approach, we co-created with those living with dexterity challenges, learning their oral care needs and desires through a Makers Lab designed to explore every step of their oral care experience – from ordering and unboxing, to maintenance and use.

{access}ories are adaptive add-ons that can be applied to any electric or manual toothbrush to make it both accessible and desirable. People personalise their handles through an easy-to-use digital platform that collects this data to iterate and refine solutions for all.
        With 3 different dimensions across 6 handle shapes and over 500 variants, each tailored to individual needs, the interface accommodates for the many different dexterity challenges.
        By producing them through 3D printing technology, we’re challenging typical manufacturing processes and providing essential solutions today by designing on demand. This demonstrates what an all-inclusive world can look like today.

This proves that it’s possible to produce innovate solutions that are low-cost, hyper-personalised, and without compromise. To summarise with the words from one of the first makers — “this will make a huge difference.”
        With huge recognition from Dezeen, Fast Company, Design Week and was shortlisted at Cannes Lions 2023. TIME magazine has also given {access}ories a Special Mention as one the Best Inventions of 2023.