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Tata Motors, a renowned automobile manufacturer, is driving towards a sustainable future with its new EV brand, TATA.ev. To turbocharge this vision, they needed a scalable brand and retail experience that would captivate the evolving consumer mindset AND completely overhaul the conventional car buying experience. How? By integrating sustainability, technology, and community into every part of the brand.
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Tata Motors entrusted us with a mission: to create a compelling brand for TATA.ev that would embody their commitment to a greener future. The new brand would need to resonate authentically with modern consumers and encapsulate their commitment to sustainability, technology and community. 

Our brand idea “Move with Meaning” commits the brand to moving forward with purpose and responsibility. Using this as a platform for action, we created a dynamic logo, representing TATA.ev’s aim to foster a circular ecosystem of human and environmental interaction. The distinct Evo Teal colour palette symbolises their commitment towards sustainability, along with a typography that communicates motion and dynamism.

This brand-first approach extended into the design of the retail experience. We envisioned a sustainable sanctuary where consumers could learn about electric mobility, be inspired to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, and engage with the brand on a deeper level. With amenities like a welcoming café, kid-friendly areas and regular community events, we crafted an immersive retail experience that seamlessly blended physical, human and digital elements, all to the theme of "Move with Meaning".
        Our design ethos was also rooted in conscious choices. We selected recycled, recyclable and locally sourced materials and implemented efficient waste disposal during construction. Our energy-saving measures extended into our branding, from using white-based print pieces to reduce ink usage to adopting a battery-saving dark mode for digital designs.

Situated at the heart of the electric vehicle movement, our transformative brand strategy positions shifts TATA.ev to be industry trailblazers. More than just a store, the entire brand experience moves consumers through century-old industry norms, paving the way forward for a new era of meaningful mobility.
        “We faced two very divergent challenges: maintaining authenticity while driving premiumization. Balancing these conflicting demands was a major hurdle. However, the brand work undertaken by Landor effectively bridged these gaps. I honestly did not expect that this could have been achieved. So extremely delighted! The branding work is extremely scalable, it can apply to all our future products and other services. This provides us with an exciting platform for growth. We are very happy with where we are.” - Vivek Srivatsa, Chief Commercial Officer, TATA.ev