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The health insurance industry has a trust problem. Customers are struggling to see the value and benefits of traditional models. nib, a leading health insurer, recognised this disconnect and needed to transform its brand from being an insurance provider to becoming an active health partner. So, trust issues, be gone.
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Health insurance has been a functional transaction lacking true connection, providing protection when things go wrong but not preventative initiatives to avoid them. The truth is, it’s better if you can avoid a problem, rather than solve one.
        From this insight, the brand idea of ‘Empowering Prevention’ was created to position nib as a true health partner providing proactivity and understanding. We built on this brand idea with a brand strategy, portfolio architecture and new brand expression. 

We created a warm, reassuring and conversational visual and verbal identity for nib. The two elements interacting, moving together, to inject positivity into our customers lives.  
        Our distinctive brand voice, resonates profound knowledge, whilst motivating and sparking optimism among diverse audiences.
        Our rejuvenated brandmark became a beacon of guidance, optimism, progression, radiance and community. We held onto the signature green in a fresh colour palette and adopted a photography style that echoed a relatable, human personality.
        Collaborating with the world-renowned illustrator, Sebastian Curi, we crafted bespoke illustrations, infusing the brand with a fresh and authentic personality. These jovial, brightly adorned characters make interacting with nib more approachable, enjoyable and empowering, bringing to life nib’s promise, empowering people to lead healthier lives.
        Through the creative, you can trust nib to guide you on your health journey, energise you when you need a push, and illuminate the silver lining in those sometimes-dark clouds.

nib's new brand embodies its commitment to personalised, preventative care. By shifting the focus from reaction to prevention, nib is rebuilding trust and empowering individuals to lead healthier lives. This transformative approach positions nib not just as an insurer, but as a trusted partner in wellbeing.

To inform the creative process, our Brand Performance team stress-tested two brand positioning concepts. Alongside the already-established visual identity, these concepts were measured against Landor’s stringent benchmarks: Appeal, Relevance, Credibility and Difference. Using data provided by nib, we projected the performance of each concept over time. This concept emerged as a clear financial frontrunner – boasting a predicted +46.2% in revenue from 2020 - 2025, and a brand equity surge of 3.6 points. Now, half a decade later, this forecasted revenue is right on target.

“Landor have created a fresh, warm and human brand for nib. It perfectly reflects what we’re trying to achieve as a business and a brand. We want to reach more people, help them better understand their health, the choices they can make and support them along their journey. In helping to reshape the nib brand, Landor have set us up to achieve this goal now and into the future.” –  Chris Donald, Head of Marketing, nib.

AGDA Awards:
2022 | Finalist | nib illustration | Illustration for Design
2022 | Merit | nib Rebrand | Brand Identity – Large Business
2022 | Merit | nib Logo | Brand Identity – Logos & Trademarks