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Plant-based milk, despite its eco-friendly image, is tainted by packaging waste and CO2-heavy transportation. 88% of what's transported and packaged is just water. And 1 in 6 pints are wasted in stores and households. In short, the milk distribution system is a disaster. Enter MYOM (Make Your Own Milk) - the unique concentrate that shrinks plant-based milk by 88%, empowering consumers to make their own milk at home without compromising on taste.
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To tell MYOM’s brand story, we shrunk every part of the branding to let the delicious milk take up its well-deserved space. We started by creating the brand idea and mantra “More Taste, Less Waste”, and launched this across the full brand system.

Using MYOM’s 88% oat-based concentrate, we crafted a design system that embodies the essence of our product: compact, expansive, transformative – and mouth-watering.
        Our design system is a mirror reflection of our product, communicating the brand’s commitment to creating a positive impact. From eco-pouches that demonstrate how small packaging can make a big difference, to dynamic typography that compresses and expands to suit all scenarios. We utilise elements from the milk industry in our creative executions to heighten awareness and effectively narrate the brand story.
        Inspired by the full-bodied expansion and compact nature of our milk, our bespoke kinetic typography morphs in shape and size to reflect the fluidity of the product.
        Animations mimic the fluidity of milk using MYOM’s variable font. After numerous iterations, we perfected a milk drop, resulting in an eye-catching, modulating animated typography.

From just the first 5 months of trading, MYOM has sold over 20,000 6x65g postal packs, totalling 120k units, all while attracting 5000 new customers. And because 83% of people who tried MYOM loved its delicious taste, the rate of sales growth skyrocketed at approximately 50% month-on-month.
         By shrinking the contents of milk by 88%, we significantly reduced packaging and transportation needs, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and waste.
Our dual-toned brand identity with expansive white typography further minimised environmental impact, using less ink on physical brand materials.
         The result? A sustainable brand that truly embodies "More Taste, Less Waste.”
D&AD Shortlist / Branding / SME / Logos / 2024
The One Club For Creativity Winner / Communication Design / Typography & Type Design Competition / 2024