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After a century of growth, Kellogg's iconic designs were losing their relevance. The brand was fading fast, its difference eroded by competitors who responded to healthier consumer habits through their designs. Our goal: recapture Kellogg's category leadership and reclaim its sacred assets.
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Strengthened by the certainty of our proprietary data, we've helped Kellogg's go far beyond catching up. They were able to cut through the sea of sameness of kraft paper effects and green claims, and proudly shout what Kellogg’s had always been: the original, authentic inventor and leader of its category, with an unparalleled choice from pure indulgence to health.

We emphasized - and even played with - the features that make Kellogg's iconic. We cropped the wordmark, giving the Masterbrand the spotlight it deserved. We refreshed all the Kellogg’s characters. We told the story from seed to bowl in a way only Kellogg’s could: as your morning’s best friend, the one who will always put a smile on your face.

We radically simplified Kellogg’s packaging, ditching the photoshop effects to show their cereals with confidence – just as they are when you eat them. We applied this across the whole range, obsessing over clarity and simplicity while putting natural grain goodness front and centre. The complete portfolio became brighter and more cohesive, standing louder and prouder on shelf than ever.

Our clean, cutting-edge identity and pack design speaks to changing consumer trends. Research results showed that nearly 70% of consumers were able to find packs on shelf more easily and the new designs increased purchase intent by almost 50%.

6% uplift in sales post redesign
6% increase in making the range easier to shop
9% increase in communicating health and natural benefits
An award-winning redesign, achieving over 30 awards in 4 years. 

“Kellogg’s is one of the world’s most recognisable brands and our cereal boxes are a staple of most people’s breakfast tables. By marrying the best in design with the best cereals, we’re confident our new packs will be a real showstopper on supermarket shelves.” — Paul Humphries, Vice President Marketing of Kellogg’s Europe

“Landor challenged us to aim high with our ambition and really think about what our brand stands for. And then showed us how to unlock the power of our iconic assets. I’ll describe it as a huge success story.” — Pete Matthews, Director, Brand Design & Operations at Kellogg Company