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Elica, global leaders in kitchen air extractors, sought to broaden its reach into the wider kitchen category. Our task was to accommodate this extension, pushing Elica’s brand beyond the concept of “air”, without compromising its unique legacy. Inspired by Elica’s innovative beginnings and the artistic flair of its founder, Ermanno Casoli, we developed an “Artfully Inventive” solution. 
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Our mission was to push the brand beyond just air extraction, repositioning Elica to support its product expansion and drive competitive advantage. With their product extension to cooktops, ovens, cooking consoles and wine cellars, we overhauled Elica, creating the most artful rebranding the category has ever seen.   
        Our brand idea - "Artfully Inventive" - celebrates the convergence of creativity and technology to speak to Elica’s past, present, and future. It pays homage to Elica’s founder, an entrepreneur, inventor, and lover of contemporary art. We build on this passion for innovation and creativity, to give scale to the Elica brand and resurface an inspiring platform for growth. 
        Our sonic specialists, amp, crafted a unique melodic fingerprint for Elica, forming a key part of the brand’s storytelling. This custom melodic theme represents the human in sync with innovation. 

The ‘Manifesto del Maccinismo’, a concept embraced by several phenomenal Italian artists, has greatly influenced Elica’s new brand expression. When translated, the manifesto emphasizes the importance of machines in our everyday lives and celebrates the creation of art forms by them. We used this concept to develop a moving, generative brand expression that blends the world of machines with the world of art, reflecting Elica’s commitment to creative innovation.

The starting point for the brand expression was the square, a shape deeply rooted in Elica's past identity. Drawing inspiration from programmed art, we took this foundational shape and adapted it, evolving it in creatively inventive ways. The evolution of the square not only nods to Elica’s history but also symbolises the starting point from which everything else springs. The reinvented square provided an ideal canvas for Elica's generative design system, ultimately becoming the super graphic at the centre of Elica’s logo. In doing so, it encapsulates the essence of the kitchen, where Elica profoundly influences people's lives.

The relaunch of Elica’s new brand has led to significant audience expansion, with +111% media coverage, +517% reach, and +27% followers across digital channels achieved in the first month.

"Landor has masterfully transcended our precious brand beyond mere air extractors, embodying design excellence at its core. Embracing our remarkable legacy, our brand now serves as a beacon, propelling us towards evolving innovation and challenging growth.” Andrea Cafiero, Brand and Communication Director.