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The Australian Open: a Grand Slam known for breaking tradition. Our mission? Transform the brand from a summer tennis tournament to a future-focused entertainment experience.
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The Australian Open, while iconic, needed a brand refresh to match its innovative spirit. Our goal was to capture the tournament's unique position as a leader in the sport while modernising and broadening its appeal to both a local and global audience that were hungry for more than just tennis.

Compared to the other Grand Slams that were steeped in tradition, the Australian Open was home to many firsts—the first to introduce retractable roofs for their stadiums, new styles of game formats and one of the first to introduce equal pay.
        The brand strategy of 'Game Changer' was born. A way to represent the tournament of the modern era; constantly changing, adapting and reinventing itself.

We distilled this energy into a bold and flexible brand identity, starting with the creation of the 'AO' name and logo, the perfect demonstration of how different and modern the tournament was.
        This fresh visual language extended across every touchpoint, from online to on-site activations, from tennis, to music, to food, we told the tournament’s story long after the event had finished.

A three-week sporting event has been reinvented as a future-proofed entertainment brand that exists every day of the year.
        Years after, we continued to evolve how the brand expresses itself in campaigns. We brought 'Game Changer' to life through new campaign messaging and evolved graphic elements.

The 'Game Changer' brand didn't just deliver impressive results—it completely changed the game. The first year saw a record-breaking 750,000 attendees and a 6% surge in social media engagement, reaching 4.5 million fans. AO branded merchandise even sold out for the first time in 5 years, while the AO video screen activation became the second most Instagrammed image of the Open—second only to Roger Federer himself.
        By embracing innovation and a future-forward approach, the 'Game Changer' campaign transcended traditional sports branding. We positioned the Australian Open as a leader both on and off the court, solidifying its place as the Grand Slam of the modern era.