Three ways brands are winning the Olympics

18 August 2016 — The Olympics are about more than just the sports—they also offer a huge opportunity for brands. Valerie Aurilio discusses how brands are getting in on the Olympics action, even if they aren’t officially sponsoring the games.

By Valerie Aurilio

What if…biotechnology dominates the Olympics?

17 August 2016 — How might branding, design, marketing, and advertising be impacted if the Olympics became an augmented technology event? Landor explores the potential consequences of technology taking over a globally renowned athletic competition.


Putting brand in the driver’s seat

4 August 2016 — How will car brands coexist with the era of the self-driving car? Nick Foley delves into automotive branding and discusses its future if drivers really become obsolete.

By Nick Foley

What if…robots take over the household?

12 July 2016 — How would branding be impacted if robots became a fundamental part of our domestic future? We’re investigating the potential consequences of “robotization” on marketing, branding, and design.