Cool—the holy grail for youth marketers

27 May 2016 — How can brand managers effectively reach younger audiences in India? And what makes a brand cool in the eyes of Indian youth? Here are eight ways brands can resonate with this unique group of consumers.

By Gazala Vahanvati

No contest

20 May 2016 — Following Google’s announcement that Android N will be named via Internet contest, Elyse Kazarinoff weighs in on why public contests for name creation are a bad idea for brands.

By Elyse Kazarinoff

Instagram evolves. Millennials speak.

18 May 2016 — Instagram’s much discussed, widely disliked rebrand has left many consumers feeling confused. Nick Foley discusses the new identity and why millennials may be feeling unsure of it.

By Nick Foley

What if…drones dominate the future?

17 May 2016 — How would branding be impacted if drones became fundamental elements of the future? Landor discusses the opportunities and challenges that could affect the branding space.


Stop the chest beating: The end of monetary brand valuation

16 May 2016 — Monetary brand valuation is often used as a means of understanding a brand’s worth, but does it really tell the whole story? Kirsten Foster explains what brand managers should actually be considering when trying to understand the value of their brand.

By Kirsten Foster

Would you wear that brand on a T-shirt?

10 May 2016 — Liking a brand is one thing, but wearing it on your T-shirt is a whole other level of commitment. Thomas Ordahl discusses how brands that create emotional connections with consumers endure better over time.

By Thomas Ordahl

Branding and celebrity deaths: A lesson in humanity

9 May 2016 — Acknowledging the deaths of celebrities like Prince and David Bowie can be a tricky business for brands. When should they weigh in and when should they refrain from commenting? Robin Lapid discusses how brands can avoid major faux pas with trending social media topics.

By Robin Lapid