The Cincinnati Adobe Creative Jam: 2 designers, 1 theme, no rules

18 October 2016 — The time was short, the challenge immense: Create a cohesive design to represent a chosen theme, in three hours, with everyone watching. Marivi Dionisio gives a firsthand account of her experience at the Cincinnati Adobe Creative Jam with fellow Landorian designer Curt Rice.

By Marivi Dionisio

Branding artificial intelligence

6 October 2016 — Since the days of the Terminator and the Jetsons, artificial intelligence has been a long-predicted invention. With day-to-day use of AI on the rise, Thomas Sauvage weighs in on what’s to come with the future of branding and AI.

By Thomas Sauvage

When brands and iconic landmarks merge

15 September 2016 — Finding relevant brand extensions can be hard, but successful brands capitalize on their principles and heritage while reaching audiences in unique ways. Peter Knapp discusses when brands and iconic landmarks merge to create strong brand associations.

By Peter Knapp

Unwrapping the candy: What matters most for brands today

14 September 2016 — When it comes to selling a product, what really matters to consumers? Should brands focus on packaging, user experience, or a combination? Lulu Raghavan explains how a simple piece of candy illuminates the best approach for brands.

By Lulu Raghavan

The new Apple iPhone: Making waves or staying the course?

9 September 2016 — That it’s human nature to resist change is an oft-repeated cliché, but the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 7 has reaffirmed that platitude in spades. Mimi Chakravorti discusses people’s reactions to the iPhone 7 and weighs in on whether it’s hit a plateau or changed for the better.

By Mimi Chakravorti

Too big not to fail?

31 August 2016 — How is it possible that one of the most innovative and successful brands in American history is struggling to succeed in today's world? Thomas Ordahl looks at Sears' brand strategy to understand the steps leading to its decline.

By Thomas Ordahl

The branding bandwagon—and how to avoid it

30 August 2016 — The dreaded bandwagon—whether you’re a fan or a brand, jumping into the action at the last minute can ring false in comparison to steadfast loyalists. Charlie Cookson looks at bandwagon brands at the Rio Olympics and explains how to avoid getting caught up in this pitfall.

By Charlie Cookson