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We imagined how the condom brand might fit into the lives of a young Beijng couple—from purchasing it to checking a website for tips on igniting romance. We then positioned Jissbon as the brand that let consumers be as "naughty or nice" as they felt, and created packaging around the vibrant idea of a pulse.


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Jissbon-the Mandarin transliteration of "James Bond"-is a brand of Chinese condoms. In 1998, Dr. Richard Wong founded Jissbon to capitalize on a shift in Chinese consumers' attitudes from thinking of condoms as pure pregnancy prevention to being a lifestyle choice. Over the course of a decade and through innovative distribution, Jissbon became China's largest condom brand. Following a strategic investment by Australian condom maker Ansell, Dr. Wong decided Jissbon needed a rebrand so the company could further grow.


Jissbon was well known and widely available in China, but it lacked personality and an original-looking design language. International brands had started to enter the Chinese market-especially in key first-tier cities-and to compete successfully, Jissbon needed to position itself as premium to support a higher price point and stand apart. Dr. Wong presented Landor with a challenge: "Teach us how to make our customers love our brand."


Landor took Dr. Wong's challenge to heart. Using the insight that Chinese consumers want to be in control of their sex lives, we positioned Jissbon as the condom that helps people be as "naughty and nice" as they want and created packaging centered around the vibrant image of a pulse. Landor imagined integrating Jissbon into the lives of a young Beijing couple who would pick the product up off the grocery store shelf, then see the same pulse design on a billboard on the way to their dinner date, and later visit a website with tips on how Jissbon can reignite romance. Landor integrated the brand into Chinese consumers' lives and made it easy for them to fall in love with Jissbon-and each other.

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