Garuda Indonesia

Elevating an airline to achieve record profitability

A refreshed brand helps an airline turn a profit after years of losses and leads it to invest in a new first-class offering.


Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia


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4-star ranking, Skytrax
8th best airline in the world, Skytrax

Garuda Indonesia is the flag carrier for the Republic of Indonesia and one of the leading airlines in Asia. In 1985, Landor created the iconic garuda symbol, which was in use until our 2009 rebranding. Garuda, from Sanskrit meaning eagle, is a large mythical birdlike creature appearing in Southeast Asian mythology. The garuda is the country’s national emblem and ideal for a domestic brand. The Garuda brand needed to stretch its wings around the world while still appealing to the local culture. When Garuda made plans to expand its fleet with the newest generation of Boeing planes in 2010 and 2011, it called again on Landor to revitalize its visual brand identity, with an emphasis on an international experience.


Garuda was a leading domestic airline but needed to attract more travelers to its new worldwide routes, as well as differentiate itself from the growing international competition. It wanted to infuse attributes of caring, responsiveness, professional dedication, and service excellence into the brand. In addition, the brand’s hallmark garuda needed to be more vibrant. We wanted the garuda to represent more than just a logo. In a global economy where many brands have generalized their image to appeal to the masses, Landor’s challenge was to elevate the brand to an international level without losing Garuda’s Indonesian flavor.

Record profits

We developed a look and feel based on the stylized rendering of a feather, calling it “nature’s wing.” The garuda wing expresses the concept of being a part of all aspects of nature—from rippling water to flower petals. The vibrant tail graphic of Garuda’s refreshed identity spreads Indonesian hospitality wherever the planes go. To enhance the brand experience, other brand applications, such as airport lounges, boarding passes, print ads, and menu cards, were brought up to date with modern typography and sophisticated images.

In the depths of the global financial crisis, when airlines around the world struggled and every other airline in Indonesia was losing money, Garuda saw record profits. The airline, which posted a Rp 811 billion loss in 2004, turned a Rp 1 trillion profit in 2009 and was awarded a four-star ranking by Skytrax.

First class

Following the success of its rebrand, Garuda Indonesia was ready to introduce a first-class offering. As the only domestic full-service carrier in Indonesia, the airline had the opportunity to provide an unparalleled first-class experience for its premium passengers. Landor refined Garuda’s brand architecture and positioning to reflect the new offering. We created an identity and look and feel system that exude luxury while maintaining the spirit of the masterbrand.

The new first-class brand came to life with uniquely Indonesian flair. The introduction of the premium service in 2013 led Skytrax to name Garuda the eighth best airline in the world. From the sketches of the first garuda to reinventing the first-class offering, Landor is proud to have contributed to Garuda Indonesia’s success. 


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Garuda Indonesia, which had been losing money, turned a Rp 1 trillion profit in 2009 and was awarded a 4-star ranking by Skytrax.


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