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Revealing a dual identity

To represent DC Entertainment’s world, a place of opposing forces, we created a new visual expression that is a living identity easily adaptable to evolving characters and stories.


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DC Entertainment

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CLIO Awards 2012
Silver for corporate identity

Batman’s cowl, Alfred E. Neuman’s toothy grin, Morpheus’ billowing black cape. All iconic images representing complex characters united by a single brand, DC Entertainment. To fully realize the value of the venerable DC Comics, Vertigo, and Mad brands, DC Entertainment needed to better link these individual entities across all media in a way that positioned the company as the creative engine behind the rich stories and characters. Along with shaping a new identity for DC Comics, our challenge was to create a stronger visual connection between DC Entertainment and the most prominent brand in its portfolio.

Very few brands have touched as many generations around the world as DC Comics. In light of the rapid technological advancements and myriad ways to consume content, the company’s goal was to ensure that the DC Comics brand was perceived as multimedia and not solely as a print publication.

Since DC Comics is defined by its characters and stories, our solution needed to represent a world where opposing forces meet and where the characters and stories evolve and transform. The new visual expression is a living identity, ever-changing and adaptive to the superheroes and story lines. The “D,” strategically placed over the “C,” peels back, reflecting the dual identities and depths of personality that are at the core of the characters.

The new identity represents more than the well-known characters and stories of the DC Entertainment brand. The dynamic visual graphic reveals a world of boundless storytelling—a world where the iconic, the optimistic, and the heroic coexist.


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