Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Drink the rum to reveal the legend

A dark tale inspires a wickedly clever bottle.



Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

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August 25, 1688, Port Royal, Jamaica: Captain Henry Morgan breathed his last.
Legend says preachers, prostitutes, dukes of England, and fellow pirates bid farewell with toast of a “kill devil,” a drink so fierce it could kill Satan.

Suddenly an earthquake and pounding waves washed his grave to sea, where Captain Morgan now rules the deep!
Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum pays homage to the legend with a bold yet smooth spirit.
Its breathtaking bottle captures the artistry of the day along with the spirit of The Captain and the mystery of his remains.
As the bottle is emptied, a wicked and witty image of the Captain is revealed along with his legend.


Captain Morgan -logo

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