Landor Brandfeed: Purpose branding

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What is the future of the purpose-driven company?

Today, Nike seeks to make a Better World through sport, IBM builds a Smarter Planet, Starbucks preserves the resources of our Shared Planet, and GE proves that imagination can change the world. How can more companies walk the talk, creating business benefit and positive impact in the world through social responsibility (SR)? And what is the value of such a strategy?

Landor's chief strategy officer, Russ Meyer, presented a Brandfeed that included:

  • An introduction to the concept of brand purpose
  • Principles that have helped companies turn brand purpose into business advantage
  • Success stories from top-tier global companies

Want to know more? See the results from our Global Corporate Reputation Index.

About the Landor Brandfeed

The Brandfeed is a free webinar series produced by Landor Associates, featuring a variety of topics related to branding.

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