“My first day” working at Landor Singapore

January 16, 2013

Landor staff
If you accept a job at Landor Singapore, your journey begins the moment you join.

At Landor, we know that to attract and retain the best talent, we have to look after the best talent—starting with your first day on the job.

On your first day at Landor Singapore, you will experience a limo ride to work, lunch with the boss, and a massage in the afternoon! Afternoon tea with the whole office gives everybody a chance to introduce themselves, and then the limo whisks you back home.

Landor Singapore started the “My First Day” program six months ago and uses it to show off its dynamic work environment on day one. It is a great opportunity for new employees to learn about Landor’s values and culture and feel fully welcomed and ready for the rest of their careers at Landor.

Category: Internal branding
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