Perspectives 2012

Selected articles from Landor

Our viewpoints on branding appear in numerous publications throughout the year. We annually publish a selection of them in Perspectives.
Landor staff

Thanks to the explosion of new technology, people from every walk of life can now make their voices heard. It doesn’t matter where you live, where you work, or what you do; you don't need to have a title to have a platform. All you need is passion, a point of view, a willingness to put your thoughts out there, and the courage to have it all tested and proven in the market, in the hope that you can make a difference.

This is the spirit you’ll see embodied in the current edition of Perspectives. Regardless of background, location, or level of seniority, we at Landor share a passion for original ideas and the power of creativity to make the world better, smarter, more satisfying, and more beautiful. We hope you enjoy reading this issue, and we invite you to join the dialogue.

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