Landor’s 2014 trends forecast

January 01, 2014

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Peter Knapp
Global Creative Officer,
based in Landor LondonLulu Raghavan
Managing Director,
based in Landor MumbaiLuc Speisser
Managing Director,
based in Landor ParisEmma Beckmann
Country Director,
based in Landor MoscowTrevor Wade
Global Marketing Director,
based in Landor San FranciscoJessie Zettler
Design Director,
based in Landor CincinnatiPeter Mack
Executive Director, Marketing, Greater China,
based in Landor ShanghaiKaren Attyah
Strategy Director,
based in Landor Cape TownMatt Kissane
Strategy Director,
based in Landor Moscow

How are brands adapting to the new normal? We asked our experts to share their thoughts on what 2014 has in store. You’ll find our forecast for nine key sectors in the pages that follow—and we’ve also compiled a list of 10 more general developments that you’ll want to keep an eye on. 

In every industry and geographic area we see brands making the leap into a transparent, digitally savvy, socially conscious marketplace where consumers have a stronger voice than ever before. But even in our tuned-in, touchscreen-happy world, the fundamentals still apply. To connect emotionally with customers, brands must remain true to what they stand for.

Read our predictions for 2014 here or download them from the iBookstore.



Trends in technology

by Jason Bice

Once confined to the realm of sci-fi, wearable technology is not only a reality for today’s consumer, it’s gearing up to be the next gold rush in tech. Read more.



Trends in airlines

by Peter Knapp

Several low cost carriers are offering more and more services, bucking the conventions they helped establish. Will this new hybrid model cause airlines to rethink their game plans? Read more.



Trends in pharmaceuticals in China

by Peter Mack

To crack the code of doing business in China, Big Pharma needs to better define its relevance, differences, and broader social purpose.  Read more.



Trends in luxury

by Lulu Raghavan

The most successful luxury brands in 2014 will be those that employ sophisticated consumer segmentation techniques, invest in experience-enhancing technology, and exploit digital and social media.  Read more.



Trends in Russia

by Emma Beckmann and Matt Kissane

With the Sochi Olympic Games fast approaching, Russian brands will benefit from a spike in international interest for all things Russian.  Read more.



Trends in automobiles

by Luc Speisser

There’s an exciting ride ahead as carmakers focus on multimodal lifestyles, usage, functionality, and alternate transportation solutions. Read more.



Trends in packaging

by Jessie Zettler

Green packaging is coming of age, evolving to add perks well beyond efficiency and waste reduction. Read more.



Trends in financial services

by Mich Bergesen

The challenge for financial brands is to adapt to simpler roles as facilitators of staple transactions. Will they thrive in this new normal? Read more.


South_Africa_horizontal_vvv copy[1]

Trends in South Africa

by Karen Attyah

South African brands have begun embracing brand purpose by incorporating it into every aspect of their businesses.  Read more.


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