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Lisa Massheimer
Associate Design Director,
based in Landor Hamburg

Trend six: Future of design

December 12, 2012

What should we expect to see in 2013?

Design with purpose

Looking at the trends for 2013, there are a couple of things that are interesting. For example, design won't be just about pushing aesthetics. It will really be about implementing big ideas so design has a clear purpose and plays a role in reshaping our society, redefining our society—more than just about its look.

Back to basics

Looking at design from a graphical side, there are three things that are quite interesting. One thing is the stripping down to basic elements—being really simple, being really clear, showing a clear path and clear visual appearance that puts a lot of emphasis on typeface. Typeface will become one of the basic elements in design, and it will become more relevant.

Sense of nostalgia

As a second interesting point, there is the sense of nostalgia. There is this notion that seeing something you know gives you a kind of security; when this trend gets pushed to become really modern, it’s a really great new aesthetic. Embracing things that are known, that are old, and pushing them design-wise to be übermodern is something that we will see more and more.

Handcrafted aesthetic

The third point is that handcrafted or authentic-looking design will also have a big role in the future. With technology today, design can be pushed way beyond perfection, it can be really polished and really sleek. But things that have the beauty and aesthetic of the handcrafted, of being done the old-fashioned way, in an authentic way—those things will be much more emotionally engaging and appealing than things that are just sleek and perfect.



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