Landor’s 2013 trends forecast: Eight hot topics

January 01, 2013

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Lulu Raghavan
Managing Director,
based in Landor MumbaiTrevor Wade
Global Marketing Director,
based in Landor San FranciscoSuzie Ivelich
Managing Director,
based in Landor San Francisco

What trends will we see in 2013? We asked our Landor colleagues from around the world to make predictions about eight topics and their impact on brands. Here's what they had to say. 


Trend one: Gamification

by Jason Bice

Brands that incorporate games into their strategies are moving toward an interactive marketing model that actually creates a better reality. See the interview



Trend two: Brand purpose

by Hayes Roth

From his home in New York during Hurricane Sandy, our CMO explains how brand purpose must be part of every successful company’s DNA. See the interview



Trend three: Luxury in India

by Lulu Raghavan and Ektaa Aggarwal

As desire for luxury goods spreads beyond tier one cities, we’ll see luxury brands in India embrace e-commerce in a big way. See the interview



Trend four: Future of packaging

by Anne Reid and Philip VanDusen

Smaller households, on-the-go lifestyles, and new sustainable materials will all influence next year’s packaging trends. See the interview



Trend five: Data visualization

by Suzie Ivelich

Success in the art and science of data visualization comes by focusing on customer needs. See the interview



Trend six: Future of design

by Lisa Massheimer

Design trends in 2013 will be all about moving back to basics, giving us a sense of nostalgia, and creating a handcrafted aesthetic. See the interview



Trend seven: Global growth of Chinese brands

by Henry Chan

Chinese brands are expanding to become major global players, especially in other BRIC countries. See the interview



Trend eight: Future of branding

by Ian Wood

Effective brands in 2013 will be simple to understand, celebrate storytelling, and inspire passion in consumers. See the interview


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