Matt Gordon

Interim General Manager

Eight principles of naming
February 24, 2012

233 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60601
United States
+1 312-596-1444
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Matt Gordon is interim general manager in the Chicago office of Landor Associates. Prior to this, he was director of naming and writing.  As a professional namer, Matt spends a lot of time explaining his job. Names are the heart of branding and serve as the most succinct expression of a brand’s promise. 

Most recently, Matt named The 606, a landmark public green space project for the city of Chicago and the Trust for Public Land.

During his 12 years at Landor, Matt has led major naming projects in nearly every category from technology and financial services to consumer packaged goods. He has developed names for Charles Schwab, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, Visa, and countless others. 

Matt has also helped develop Landor’s writing tools and teams, leading work for Fortune 500 clients including Chase, Hilton Worldwide, HP, Kraft, and NetApp. 

As one of Landor’s most senior namers, Matt has been widely quoted and interviewed in broadcast and print media outlets including CBS, PBS, Fast Company, the Chicago Tribune, and others.

Matt is the rare linguistics and philosophy major who is lucky enough to put his degree to use every day. He lives in Chicago with his two sons.


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