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Most marketers look at their brands through a microscope—parsing pricing strategies, testing advertising recall, detailing small shifts in image attributes. That helps you understand your brand today, but how should you think about building your brand for the future? How can you grow your brand from first in its category to iconic status? Such macro issues require a super-powered observatory—the BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV).

In the mid 1980s Landor recognized that all brands, regardless of category, country, or audience seemed to live by certain rules. To understand those rules, we undertook the world’s first cross-category, multicountry study of brands—BrandAsset Valuator. Working with leading academic theorists, we were able to identify and empirically confirm four pillars of brand building: differentiation, relevance, esteem, knowledge.

These four pillars provide a framework for understanding brand. A thorough BAV analysis allows us to find answers to even bigger questions: Which brands have achieved globally consistent meaning? Which brands are in threat of decline (even if that is not yet reflected in sales)? Which brands are poised to move from niche to leadership? Which brands are well positioned for extension? BAV can tell us why and how.

BrandAsset Valuator is the world’s largest and most enduring study of brands:

  • 18 years of tracking data (since 1993)
  • Over 740,000 interviews
  • 48 countries
  • 50,000 brands
  • More than 70 brand metrics
  • More than 150 consumer metrics
  • Quarterly tracking in the United States; annually or biannually elsewhere
  • Run by Young & Rubicam Group, a partnership of companies that includes Landor


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