Trend No. 5: Packaging will tell a story

Stories can help humanize a brand, making it feel more accessible and relatable for consumers. They can also help a brand stand out, so its name and logo carry more weight and are more recognizable. In 2016, it won’t be enough to just have a cool box or a nice looking bottle. Mike Staniford, Landor’s executive creative director of Southeast Asia, Pacific, and Japan, explains that brands will increasingly draw on authentic stories to establish points of differentiation and convey them through package design.

J&B Tattoo by Sphinx

Evoking brand legacy is an excellent way to help consumers identify with and choose a particular product. For example, J&B covered 25 limited-edition Rare scotch whisky bottles in thin latex skins and hired artist Sébastien Mathieu to tattoo each one. The bottles were not only eye-catching, but also revealed a brand story: J&B was established in the late nineteenth century when Royal Navy sailors were first coming back to the United Kingdom sporting tattoos.


Nine Suns, a California winery founded by the Chang family, is another brand whose package design tells a story. The Napa-based winery uses the Chinese legend of the 10 suns as inspiration for both its name and its label design. The God of Archery, the legend’s key figure, is clearly evident on the Nine Suns bottle, shooting down the nine orb-like suns that caused imbalance in the earth. This unique narrative connects the wine to the family’s Chinese heritage and makes the brand highly memorable for consumers.

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