What if…healing and medicine become instantaneous?

To celebrate Landor’s 75th anniversary, we wanted to consider some of the changes that could impact branding in the coming 25 years and beyond. What developments will radically shift our perception of product, brand, and identity? This month we’re taking inspiration from the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos—Day of the Dead—which focuses on friends, families, and communities coming together in remembrance of those who have died.

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What if healing and medicine become practically instantaneous? What if death could be delayed, or even prevented altogether?

Many brands would find themselves targeting an ever-aging audience—consumers who have known a brand for 20 or even 30 years might still be shopping with and trusting that brand. This offers an opportunity for brands to ensure a steady stream of revenue. But it also creates a challenge. When a customer has known a brand for such a long time, how can that brand evolve in ways that feel fresh and relevant?

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Brands may also find that their messaging and positioning would need to shift. Inspirational content around “seizing the day” or “living every day to its fullest” may not resonate as well with consumers if health is something taken for granted. This might especially apply to brands that differentiate themselves based on safety: Car companies, airlines, toy brands, or child care products. And what of brands that focus on the joys of living—think weddings, births, baptisms, or birthdays. Would these milestones become less important since so many more might occur in one’s lifetime? Or would they continue to be major events with their own stores and brands catering to each?

Another potential shift might be in the adventure and outdoor category. From trips and experiences to products and apparel, people may become more inclined to try things that previously had higher risks associated with them. This could offer an opportunity for brands like REI or GoPro to expand into less specialized consumer markets. And brands that currently focus on standard retail products might switch gears to compete in the outdoor adventure space. Old Navy might have a line of backwoods apparel, or Apple could create technology and equipment specifically for harsh climates and experiences.

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