Kangaroo Kids Education Limited: Creating a new paradigm for an education brand

Brands aren’t static posters on the highway of human history. They have the power to change, mutate, respond, and interact with human beings. When a brand establishes new promises to serve its audience better, its story needs to be told. So Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL) approached Landor for help sharing its story with the world.

Understanding education through the eyes of KKEL

Children’s education is about much more than standard subjects, heavy backpacks, rote learning, and a few make-or-break exams. Students need great teachers and great schools that bring intrigue, enthusiasm, empathy, and energy to every topic and area of learning—from academics and sports to cultural immersion and societal skills.

Founded in the 1990s with a constant focus on making children better and happier citizens, Kangaroo Kids Education Limited has been at the forefront of children’s education in India for the past 25 years. Its two brands, Kangaroo Kids (preschool) and Billabong High (high school), extend KKEL’s approach across all ages and knowledge levels.

From using the latest scientific methods to adopting Bloom’s taxonomy principles to rewire the way children absorb knowledge, Lina Ashar, the founder of KKEL, has pioneered the use of inventive approaches to make learning a positive experience for children of all ages. With Kangaroo Kids, Ashar’s vision was to move away from the old strait-jacketed view of education and create an ecosystem in which children think and learn differently, understanding themselves as much as the subjects they study.


KKEL created its Billabong High brand in 2006, using the same pillars and balanced approach to help students prepare not just for a rewarding career but for a successful life. Inevitably, however, as education came to the forefront in India, other schools began capitalizing on similar principles, lauding clichés like “striving for excellence,” “personalised holistic learning,” and “effective teaching and learning techniques to help the child drive a value-driven lifestyle.” In this sea of sameness, it was important for KKEL to stand out.

Landor partnered with KKEL to communicate its distinct proposition in a fresh, engaging way. The goal: Fuel a new trajectory of growth for the group, supporting its strategy and conveying its vision of delivering education reimagined. Landor helped KKEL strategically rethink its brand purpose, creating new visual expressions and a transformative visual system to communicate its change to a broad audience. We also went far beyond the visual, creating an entirely new strategy and approach for both of KKEL’s brands.

Distilling the vision of Kangaroo Kids

Both Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High needed a compelling narrative to communicate their relevance and position as top, premium choices for preschool and higher education. Though their target audiences were distinct—each audience required its own unique insights about perception and equity—we used in-depth research and analysis to find white space and craft distinct positionings.

Kangaroo Kids Before After

For Kangaroo Kids, we found that the brand had to recognize and celebrate the fact that preschool is a journey—the first journey children take into the world on their own. Leaving home and parents can be scary and emotional for children. Kangaroo Kids’ new positioning is all about fun, warmth, and positivity. It makes Kangaroo Kids an exciting place for toddlers to begin their life adventure, helping them transition from home to school faster, more easily, in a way that is anticipated by both parent and child.


The visual expression was built on the equity of the brand’s name. We developed a character named Kan to act as a playful companion, infusing him with the wide-eyed wonder and high energy of young children. In Kan’s world, anything is possible—it’s all about a can-do spirit. Kan’s excitement permeates through the Kangaroo Kids brand, influencing every touchpoint with enthusiasm and positivity.

Redefining Billabong High

Drawing on the school’s deep, singular commitment to help children emerge positive and resourceful in any situation, we repositioned Billabong High around helping students find their true self and their potential and purpose beyond the standard markers of proficiency. This story brings to life the school’s unique approach to helping children thrive—not just in education but in life.

Billabong High Before After

Finding inspiration in Australian aboriginal art and culture, Billabong High’s new brand story is visually represented through a star-shaped expression. The star communicates many aspects of the school’s promise to students and parents: providing multifaceted learning, encouraging students to pursue their dreams, and helping them on the quest to find a “true north” or guiding light to work toward. It also conveys Billabong’s commitment to working collaboratively with parents and teachers to provide the necessary direction and clarity that a child needs to succeed.


A new future for KKEL

For both Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High, their refined positionings have led to uniquely differentiated brand experiences. Using “learning adventure” as a through-line and theme, Kangaroo Kids is finding inventive ways to integrate adventure across various touchpoints and collateral. It’s also using the idea of “I can” to drive a new set of programs designed to create additional avenues for learning.


Billabong High is considering innovative programs such as a “Shark Tank for kids” to encourage skills like creative thinking and storytelling. Another initiative will invite children to select key topics and teach the class about them to inspire confidence and collaboration.

For Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High, the story ahead remains unscripted. Off to a fantastic start with its new purpose and visual expression, KKEL has an opportunity to show the world how it is staying ahead of the curve. Not only is it more relevant today than ever before, KKEL is agile, alive, and ready for the future.


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