Petbarn hero


A brand with personalities.

Inspired by the weird and wonderful personalities of the pets we care so much about, we helped transform Petbarn’s identity into a living, breathing, tail-wagging brand. A family of furry, feathered and scaley friends make up the new identity and reflect a business shift from utility to care.

A long-term legacy of care

Petbarn has been delivering expert pet care for nearly twenty years and knows the importance of delivering the best for our pets. With the rise of convenience supermarkets that now offer a diverse range of pet products, this was beginning to impact their business.

Elevating the experience

Petbarn needed to deliver a differentiated brand experience to elevate their brand over and above the cold, corporate and value-driven face of the competition. We needed to remind consumers why they, and their pets, love Petbarn.

Heroing the pets we love so much

Petbarn understands the care and importance of the relationships we have with our pets. And we understand the individual personalities, quirks & characters of each & every one. We created an identity that heroes our pets, putting them back at the heart of the Petbarn brand. Inspired by the weird & wonderful personalities that we love so much, we created a family of characters, each with their own little idiosyncrasies. Transforming a rigid icon to a living, breathing, moving, tail-wagging brand.

A new world of care

The new brand launched in February 2019 and has been rolled out across the website and social media channels. Petbarn have launched a campaign to name each of the pets in the family which has had high levels of engagement.