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Old Spice

Manliness redefined

Old Spice historical advertisement courtesy of Flickr user Brian Bennett.
Image courtesy of Flickr user Brian Bennett.

A ship off course

Old Spice had long been the leader in men’s deodorant, but when Axe entered the market with a raunchy campaign, the brand began to lose share. Procter & Gamble called on Landor to help reinvent the brand to appeal to a younger demographic.

Old Spice prior product line

A beacon in the fog

Old Spice needed to shake its musty reputation. P&G empowered Landor and a small group of agency experts to think bigger and work faster. Multiday consumer research revealed an opportunity for the brand to appeal to men of all types by celebrating the art of manliness.

Manliness 101

The Manbook articulated the principles behind the Old Spice brand for the internal P&G team. It established Old Spice’s unique voice and inspired new ways to engage consumers.

Old Spice Manbook "Old Spice is Manly" illustration

Talking the talk

The cheeky verbal identity developed in the Manbook was extended to packaging, advertisements, and in-store displays, bringing Old Spice’s celebration of men to every touchpoint.

Before After of Old Spice Product Line Old Spice's New Campaign Old Spice Mural Activation

The smell of success

Old Spice continues to redefine masculinity and dominate the deodorant aisle—advancing in its quest for world scent domination and making every man’s signature scent Old Spice.

Old Spice Updated Deodorant Packaging

Bragging rights

Landor worked closely with agencies Wieden+Kennedy and Citizen Relations on Old Spice’s repositioning. We shared the 2011 Grand Effie for the overwhelmingly successful Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign, whose inaugural spot has been viewed more than 49 million times on YouTube.

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Old Spice Classic Scent Product and Packaging

Back on top

With Landor’s help, Old Spice quickly solidified its position as category leader. In addition to the Grand Effie, Landor’s work was honored by Communication Arts, Graphis, the ADDYs, and more.

Old Spice’s business has grown by double digits every year since the new positioning went to market.