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Seeing beyond vision: Revolutionizing the optical retail experience

Magrabi optical fashion

A legacy of focused eye care

Founded in 1927, Magrabi was built on the belief that eyesight is one of life’s greatest gifts—deserving the world’s finest care. Magrabi’s history of medical excellence spurred it to become the leading optical retail chain in the Middle East and North Africa. But following years of intense competition, it needed to reaffirm its position as a category leader. Magrabi turned to Landor for help reclaiming its uniqueness and dispelling its perception as clinical and uninviting.

Magrabi optical medical

Medical? Fashion? Both, please.

The category was ripe for disruption: Magrabi’s competitors were in either the medical game or the fashion game, but no one played both. We helped Magrabi position itself as a lifestyle brand that embraces the tension between art and science, style and function. How? By celebrating sight.

Magrabi optical design style

The look of Magrabi

The celebration of sight became the foundation of Magrabi’s new brand. The key visual device is a frame—like vision, it focuses and clarifies, literally creating a window for creativity across omnichannel applications. Exciting splashes of color, interesting patterns, and unusual textures remind us of vision’s spectacular power.

Omnichannel vision

Magrabi’s identity was designed for an omnichannel future. From packaging, staff uniforms, and marketing materials to store environments, digital experiences, and eye test templates, we made sure that every aspect of the brand reflects Magrabi’s celebration of sight.

The store experience even includes kinetic displays that “see” and respond to customers’ moods and feelings.

Magrabi optical in store

Special touches in store:

  • Elegant gift-wrapping ritual
  • Personalized packaging
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Designer staff uniforms
  • Phygital displays
  • Tailored eye tests
  • No tills—no-wait payment

When we started the project, we were looking for a brand face-lift. But the ambition of the Landor team pushed us to think bigger. With the work that we’ve done together, I believe we can revolutionize the category. Agencies of Landor’s caliber are few.

Amin El Maghraby, CEO, Magrabi

Full-spectrum success

Just six months after launch, with a new marketing roadmap, Magrabi reaffirmed its position as a leader in the eye care category. Smashing sales records, it secured prime locations in the most prestigious malls in the Middle East and North Africa.

At the Mall of the Emirates, Magrabi took in triple its average sales during the first weekend alone.