Kellogg’s hero


Reclaiming the brand's iconic assets

The challenge

Kellogg’s has been a staple of breakfast tables for more than 100 years. Over time, however, the company began losing its singular focus, becoming undifferentiated against its competitors and lost among mixed messaging. We took on Kellogg’s biggest redesign in a century, covering the entire European portfolio. Our mission was clear: to return Kellogg’s to iconic status as the provider of natural grain goodness.

Reigniting conversations with consumers

Using Landor’s proprietary insight tools, we discovered that Kellogg’s brand differentiation had been significantly eroded and that the brand was showing a decline on the attributes of up-to-date, dynamic and progressive. Yet, Kellogg’s was still perceived as the true, authentic and original leader of its category. Our insights and analytics team uncovered the fact that the strongest brands in the food category were thriving on taste, quality and originality. Additionally, beyond the 360-degree wellness mega trend, Kellogg’s could leverage two additional trends more aligned to its heritage, allowing the brand to stand out from the crowd: the quest for simplicity and the appetite for a lush life. This led us to a very clear strategy: to address the shift to healthier habits by using the Kellogg’s master brand to reclaim its widely recognized assets and tell a natural grain goodness story in a simple and honest way.

We called upon Landor’s incisive European strategists—renowned for rebirthing major brands—and the best-in-class creative vision from Paris, London and Hamburg to begin unleashing the power of Kellogg’s.

We started with the simplification of the packaging, which allowed us to leverage the inherent strength of the most powerful brand elements. We updated the distinctive Kellogg’s logo, cropping the wordmark to demonstrate that, even with 100+ years of history, Kellogg’s remains playful and fun. The new color palette takes inspiration from the natural wonders of ingredients: pops of yellow, vibrant red strawberries and deep purple grapes. The portfolio is now visually brighter, with a wider and more cohesive palette that drives standout on the shelf.

We also wanted to emphasize Kellogg’s most valuable asset: natural grain goodness. We created a seed-to-spoon story using iconography in a simple, visual way that celebrates Kellogg’s commitment to sustainability and its respect for food.

As a whole, these changes repositioned Kellogg’s as a bold, iconic category leader. But more importantly, conversations with Kellogg’s consumers were reignited.

Regaining category leadership

Our clean, cutting-edge pack design speaks to changing consumer trends. Research results showed that nearly 70 percent of consumers were able to find packs on the shelf more easily, and the new designs increased purchase intent by almost 50 percent.

Paul Humphries, vice president of marketing of Kellogg’s Europe, said: “Kellogg’s is one of the world’s most recognizable brands and our cereal boxes are a staple of most people’s breakfast tables. By marrying the best in design with the best cereals, we’re confident our new packs will be a real showstopper on supermarket shelves.”

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