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From analog to experience


Bringing the brand up to speed

Through organic growth and acquisitions, ITG evolved from a well-respected electronic broker to a company that also offered financial trading technology and market research. ITG’s services were unmatched in the industry, but its brand did nothing to convey this.

Considering how fundamentally driven by technology its business was, ITG’s current brand also presented a largely analog impression. While talking-head videos on its website reinforced its reputation as a “smart” company, the brand lacked strong digital expressions.


A bold departure

Landor’s task was twofold: First, to create a brand that celebrated both of ITG’s competencies: trading and research. Second, to create a brand that distilled the complexity of ITG’s offers across all its touchpoints in a simple, compelling way for customers.

Landor transformed the foundation of the ITG brand, developing a new strategic positioning that emphasized its ability to Decode signal from noise.

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ITG as decoder

Stark graphic design featuring staggered “coded” messages differentiates ITG from other brokerage firms and illustrates its genius at extracting meaning from disparate data. A smart, assertive voice reflects the company’s technical and analytic firepower.

This three-story spherical sculpture plots the relationship between volume and volatility in the S&P 500.

Making data visible

To engage employees and excite prospective customers, ITG developed immersive environments in its New York headquarters. Interactive art installations use ITG’s products to display the patterns that emerge from the data it collects.

The Offices of ITG New York, New York Landor Associates Padgett and Company Job#3676
A colorful mural shows Android system sales by phone model.
This topographic rendering of the American housing market reveals relationships between income and location.

A multichannel experience

Each installation in ITG’s headquarters was assigned a unique QR code. When visitors scan a code, they are taken to a responsive website that uses expert interviews and animations to further illustrate the market insight.

The Offices of ITG New York, New York Landor Associates Padgett and Company Job#3676

Success in a changing industry

The new ITG brand helped the company thrive in a rapidly changing industry. In 2012, when the rebrand was launched, ITG stock was trading for $8 per share. In 2015, it was trading for $25. Landor’s work received a CLIO award and was honored by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

In just three years, ITG stock prices increased by 213 percent.