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Making the shopping center a destination

Intu Internal Environments

Creating a destination

In a market where consumers can do much of their shopping online, physical malls have to work hard to attract foot traffic. Capital Shopping Centres’ (CSC) 15 properties across the United Kingdom welcome 340 million customers each year, but to stay successful required an evolution. CSC wanted to be a destination in its own right.

Intu Digital Branding

Building a brand

CSC properties had been individually branded, but lacked the recognition that could make them sought-out destinations. We created a common name—Intu—and a brand that centered on the idea We make joy. Each shopping center sported a newly designed bird, symbolizing the many joys of shopping at Intu.

Intu Internal Environments with Children

Imagining Intu’s future

During an executive opportunity mapping session, Landor defined five areas for Intu to create joy for visitors.

  1. A world-class experience
  2. Moments of surprise and delight
  3. Events with a difference
  4. Digital connectivity
  5. Community involvement

We proposed 1,000 ways to act on these opportunities, including tea and cakes for mums, “Golden Tickets” for the car park, and playful wayfinding.

Intu Internal Engagement

Collaborative engagement

Trained leaders used Landor-created tools to educate more than 2,000 employees. An online brand center housed assets and acted as a social platform where agencies and employees could brainstorm and collaborate on ways to please and delight shoppers every day.

Intu Shopping Center Interior

Mapping joy

Landor worked closely with Intu’s managers and customer experience directors to translate the language of joy into each shopping center’s physical space. Well-placed customer service desks, playful signage, and interactive installations create moments of surprise throughout each Intu property.

Enjoying the results

Before customers access Intu’s free Wi-Fi, they are polled on their experience. Their answers are entered into a Happiness Index, which is displayed in a dashboard that provides real-time information about Creating joy initiatives—helping Intu continually adjust and improve.

Since its rebrand, Intu has increased its number of visitors, consistently outperformed the Investment Property Databank monthly retail index, and significantly raised its net promoter scores.