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The new paradigm for banking

Landor + Illimity

Born as a startup: A new bank that aims to give new answers to new needs

Corrado Passera—former minister of economic development of the Italian government, former managing director and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, and former managing director of Poste Italiane—created an independent bank designed to accommodate the unmet banking needs of the traditional system. His “new paradigm bank” for companies and families would incorporate the best AI technologies, machine learning, and the highly specialized human skills to guarantee new levels of quality, service and efficiency—all without ever losing the human connection.

At Landor, our job was to first create a company name and strategic platform, and then to design an innovative corporate identity that would effectively convey the bank’s disruptive model and value.

Shaping the brand idea

We started from a strategic platform, using a prototypical process involving the client in building the creative idea with an iterative journey approach. Expressing the values of the new banking paradigm, we then gave shape to the clients’ desires by translating them into infinite opportunities.

The logo, a tangible representation of the startup, is illustrated in an iteration of the infinity symbol—dynamic and flexible with a bright color palette, it encompasses a humanistic font and inclusive photographic style. The logo can transform to other shapes and figures, making the whole look and feel of technology easy to understand. Leveraging the infinite possibilities, we extended the identity to a series of motion design elements to create a unique and consistent visual experience.


*Please note that Card Customization is based on agency creative concept

“Why not?” banking

The brand idea “Why not?” expresses a new bank capable of overcoming boundaries and going beyond traditional systems. This strategic approach led us to the name “Illimity,” Banca Oltre la Forma (Bank Beyond Formality), which conveys the extent and disruption of the bank business model.

The bank’s visual identity narrates a system in which human and digital easily realize the financial goals of families and businesses. Based on this versatile system, we then developed a storytelling model built on key concepts.

Becoming a reality in less than a year

Illimity’s story perfectly embodies its DNA, becoming a reality in less than a year and demonstrating significant business results. In March 2019, Illimity was listed on the MTA Italian Stock Exchange and a month later, Illimity’s new company Neprix, was launched becoming the first Italian cloud native in partnership with Microsoft. Also, in September 2019 Illimity Group’s direct bank was launched:

Illimity relies on a community of 350 employees who call themselves “Ilimiters” and the “Oltre la Forma” community was successfully launched. To date, the Illimity community has grown to 40,000 members. Furthermore, 2019 saw an advertising and communications campaign launch, and the brand was featured on billboards in Milan, Rome, Turing and in digital formats. For digital and TV screens, an advertising campaign was launched in November 2019.