Nike hero


Deceptive by design

Nike Hypervenom II Design Textures

Ready to pounce

Devastatingly deceptive and supremely agile, Nike’s latest cleat called for a campaign as thrilling as its performance. ManvsMachine, the newest member of the Landor family, drew inspiration from the natural world, evoking the speed and stealth of wild animals in its positioning of the Hypervenom II.

Nike ~ Hypervenom II


After extensive research and development, ManvsMachine combined images, movement, and music to capture the shoe’s spirit and versatility. The tagline You can’t stop what you can’t see establishes the Hypervenom II as swift, sleek, and dangerous—a force to be reckoned with.

Nike Hypervenom II Advertising Activation

Playing to win

ManvsMachine’s kinetic design ignited every aspect of the campaign, from film and print to retail and digital. It proved so successful, exceeding all KPIs set by Nike, that Nike requested an extension for its Ousadia Alegria collection, a special edition created for famed Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr.

Nike Hypervenom II Neymar Cleat Image