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Etihad Airways

Bringing Abu Dhabi to the skies

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Without compare

Air travel has lost its allure. Economically driven, rationally expressed, the lowest common denominator often wins. Etihad knew there was another way. Ignoring industry trends, it decided to create an experience that would redefine global air travel.

Etihad Airways image courtesy of Flickr user Rob Alter.
Image of the Yas Viceroy hotel courtesy of Flickr user Rob Alter.

Remarkable Abu Dhabi, remarkable Etihad

Visionary architecture, mesmerizing deserts, and unprecedented luxury make Etihad’s home city, Abu Dhabi, truly special. Fusing Arab traditions with technological innovation, Etihad reflects this remarkable locale while soaring high above it.

Etihad Airways Inspiration

A sea of sand

To create a visual icon for Etihad that reflects its provenance, Landor looked to the desert, whose serene dunes and grains of sand served as inspiration for our design.

Etihad Airways Color Palette

The facets of Abu Dhabi

Etihad’s visual system also draws from the spirit of modern Arabia—its patronage of the arts, its respect for the past and dreams for the future. A bespoke tessellation of gold and brown, the system forms an unending landscape representing Abu Dhabi’s avant-garde architecture and the desert it inhabits.

Etihad Airways Livery

Reimagining air travel

Etihad is far more than an airline. Think of it as a destination in itself.

Etihad Airways Class Logos

Outstanding as standard

Etihad is not a seller of seats. It doesn’t have passengers; it has guests. To reflect the aspirations and motivations of its discerning travelers, we conceived each cabin brand as a unique experience.

  • Simply smarter economy class—Reinvents small moments that other airlines overlook, to bring a sense of surprise, spontaneity, and fun to air travel.
  • Intelligent business—Designed for the new global tribe that challenges traditional notions of business class.
  • First class—Creates a luxury travel experience so deeply personal, it’s like being transported to your own private universe.
  • VVIP travel—A unique vision of VIP travel with service so exclusive only a select few will fully experience it.
Etihad Airways First Class

Remarkable moments

Etihad is a hospitality brand that provides experiences so magical, they have to be remarked on. No detail is too small, no idea too big. The concept of Remarkable infuses the brand, creating an airline with legendary stature.

Etihad Airways Lounge Rendering

A lounge unlike any other

An extraordinary lounge promises to turn heads in Abu Dhabi. Guests are treated to live music, personal chefs, and virtual golf match challenges with travelers in other lounges worldwide. The luxurious geometric design with its soaring ceilings is a striking example of Arab modernism.

Gateway to the world

Etihad established equity partnerships with other airlines to offer more than 325 destinations and greater convenience for travelers. By creating its own global network, Etihad has positioned Abu Dhabi as a gateway to the world, with itself as the gatekeeper. The design of the membership identity, clearly derived from the Etihad masterbrand, establishes the partnership as one of the world’s leading airline alliance groups.

Etihad Airways Banner

Seeking the unexpected

Landor’s opportunity mapping process allowed Etihad to imagine how it could extend its Remarkable brand idea into unconventional territories, such as multichannel content and innovation festivals.

“My first impression: Beautiful. And it seems that I was not the only one. As I shared the reveal via our Twitter and Facebook channels, all I heard were positive things about the design—which has never happened before.”

David Parker Brown, Editor-in-chief and founder,
Etihad Airways Digital Displays

A remarkable response

  • 95,000 Twitter impressions one week after launch
  • 1,395 tweets about the redesign in the first week
  • More than 91 articles published about Etihad’s livery alone
  • Twitter keywords: stunning, agree, amazing, fan
  • Etihad Airways was named 2016 Airline of the Year by Air Transport World
  • Etihad Airways was awarded Best Airline Livery of 2015 by TheDesignAir
  • Etihad Airways reported year-over-year growth of 17% in 2015, with 17.5 million people traveling on the airline

“Internationally, perhaps the sexiest redesign of the year comes from Etihad, a carrier based out of Abu Dhabi.”

Grant Martin, Contributor, Forbes