Covestro hero


A colorful vision for a new company

From material change to material success

When Bayer spun off its materials science division—the global market leader in plastics, adhesives, and coatings—it faced the challenge of establishing an entirely new brand, building a public reputation, and rallying 17,000 staff members. The brand had to be a distinct departure from Bayer that quickly instilled pride and passion. Landor traveled the world conducting interviews and workshops to understand what employees and executives wanted in the new brand. In close collaboration with Bayer’s leadership team, Landor created Covestro—a bold brand that would redefine industry norms.

A bright future

Landor’s team crafted a new brand vision: to make the world a brighter place. Grounded in the values “curious,” “courageous,” and “colorful,” the brand conveys Covestro’s innovative spirit and relentless focus on driving growth through technologies that benefit society and reduce environmental impact. The brand story encourages employees to push boundaries, nurture curiosity, and let their ingenuity soar.

Covestro embarked on a colorful takeover of The Frankfurt Stock Exchange on Day One of its launch.

A fitting name

After generating over 2,000 possible names and undertaking extensive global trademark research, Covestro became reality. Its name is made of three parts: “co” for collaboration, “vest” for investment in the future, and “stro” for strong, referencing the company’s solid core values.

A bold design

To make Covestro stand out in the B2B space, we designed a bold, colorful identity to match its dynamic vision. The circular nature of the Bayer logo was retained for continuity—but the energy, progression, and brightness are undeniably Covestro. The circle symbolizes unending curiosity, while the color spectrum represents diversity and the limitless range of possibility.

Success comes full circle

Armed with a new brand story, name, and visual identity, Covestro went on to become Germany’s biggest IPO since 2000. Stock sold at 12 percent above the expected price, and orders for shares were three times oversubscribed. Employee engagement levels jumped from 48 to 90 percent after launch, as 17,000 staff—from production line workers to senior management—readily embraced the new identity.

Two years after launch, Covestro’s share price has more than doubled, with gross profit up 65 percent.