Butcher Thick Cut Bacon hero

Butcher Thick Cut Bacon

Turning a category on its head


Finding the spotlight

Butcher Thick Cut Bacon is Oscar Mayer’s most premium product: hearty, smoky, meaty goodness expertly cleaved into succulent slices. But consumers weren’t buying it, mainly because it didn’t stand out in a sea of similar yellow, red, and black packaging. Shoppers couldn’t see why it was worth the higher price.


A big idea

Landor noticed something interesting about bacon packaging: Most of the real estate isn’t on the front; it’s on the back. So we flipped the package over and began using the back panel as the front—effectively tripling the amount of space with which we had to work, while instantly differentiating Butcher Thick Cut from every other bacon on the market.


Old-school style

To drive home the message that Butcher Thick Cut was worth its premium price tag, we recommended authentic, butcher-style paper substrate and precision-crafted type that’s so traditional, it feels new.


Blazing a trail

Since the new packaging hit shelves in August 2013, sales of Butcher Thick Cut Bacon have increased, prompting new distribution opportunities. The design is being used internally by Oscar Mayer as a means of inspiring better design across the company’s entire product portfolio.

Landor’s design for Butcher Thick Cut Bacon received gold in the 2015 Graphis Design Annual.