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Reimagining the car-buying experience

BMW Store Environments from Outside

Driven by relationships

Today’s car buyers are a savvy bunch, procuring all the information they need before setting foot into a dealership. To reach these connected consumers and stay ahead of the curve, Landor helped BMW shift gears from the traditional sequential sales model to focus on relationship building. Working with 16 BMW teams, we created a multichannel retail landscape that engages consumers at every turn with a bespoke experience as refined as the cars themselves.

  • 80—percentage of buyers who have all the information they need before stepping into a car dealership
  • 4—average number of dealer visits a consumer makes before buying a car—down from more than four 10 years ago.
  • 40 percent—maximum discount available when buying cars online
  • 29/206—number of different models and motors offered by BMW in December 2013

Road mapping a multichannel experience

Reimagining tomorrow’s car-buying experience, Landor mapped out physical and digital customer journeys, pinpointing crucial steps before, during, and after purchase. Our findings inspired new interactive retail formats that transition the consumer from one-time buyer to lifelong BMW owner.

A shift in vision

BMW branding strategy

Fueling the brand promise

To deliver BMW’s new relationship-driven promise, Landor helped reorganize staff roles to focus on long-term partnership building; developed soft and hard key performance indicators to measure customer satisfaction; and improved the customer relationship management approach to enable seamless, personalized service for every customer.

The ultimate driving experience

High performance is the heart of the BMW driving experience, and Landor developed a retail design concept to celebrate the freedom and movement of the open road.

Serviceplan Benelux: BMW Brand Store Brussels Internal Environment

Exploring the future of retail

The new BMW retail environments invite customers to visit, interact, and experience the forefront of auto innovation, taking the BMW lifestyle for a spin. Within the first 10 days of the Brussels Brand Store opening, 10,000 people were reintroduced to the BMW brand.

BMW Store from Outside

The evolution continues

Three retail formats have successfully launched: the Brand Store in Brussels, the City Sales Outlet in Rome, and the Experience Center in Seoul and Shanghai. Lifelong relationships and a retail landscape as polished, powerful, and versatile as the BMW itself? That’s the future of car buying.