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Apple iMac Pro

Pushing technology to its limits

Apple iMac Pro: Artist film

What would you make with the most powerful Mac ever?

Apple challenged six renowned artists, including our motion design studio ManvsMachine, to make a film that pushed its most powerful Mac yet to its limits.

Apple iMac

Building a civilization

To take full advantage of the power of the iMac Pro and show what it can do, we created a genre of architecture no one had seen before. Forget one building: We built a civilization.

Architectural textures

Architecture from algorithms

We used a base algorithmic structure as the blueprint for every movement and form in the film. We then covered the CGI structures in high-resolution photographic textures and embellished them using a custom-designed system for nuances like foliage and architectural details.

Apple iMac Pro: Artist film (making of)

A world of infinite details

What starts as rudimental geometry evolves, thanks to algorithms and code, into a complex civilization that grows organically and eternally.

Architectural computer rendering