20/80 hero


Healthy eating made simple


Confusion in the kitchen

Organic? Low fat? Gluten free? Reduced sodium? The array of food options billed as being good for you can feel overwhelming. If only there were a way to simplify matters, allowing people to enjoy healthy, delicious meals without the stress of complicated choices.

Enter 20/80.

Food photography by Thomas Dhellemmes.

Simply delicious. Deliciously simple.

After years of working in the food industry, our client was ready to create her own line of great-tasting, healthy cuisine to go. Her basic concept was brilliant in its simplicity: Use gourmet vegetables for the main ingredient in any dish (80%) and add proteins as garnishes (20%).


20 + 80 = 100% good

Landor translated this formula directly into the brand name, and developed appealing graphics to express it. Each ingredient is represented by a stylized photo or icon, with squares for vegetables and fruits, which make up 80% of the dish, and rectangles for proteins and rich toppings, which make up the remaining 20%.


A language all its own

Fresh colors and clean geometric shapes reflect the harmony of this balanced approach to eating, while ample white space generates a feeling of lightness and well-being. Its distinctive visual style makes 20/80 a standout in the crush of competitors.

Using these elegant symbols, any 20/80 recipe can easily be turned into a poster, loyalty card, or other collateral. The icons transcend words, making the system truly universal in application.


Into the market basket

With a strongly differentiated brand and fundraising that exceeded goals, 20/80 was able to expand beyond its original business plan. In May 2016 a flagship retail store opened in Paris, joining the 20/80 catering and food delivery service.

In 2016, Landor’s work for 20/80 was honored with Silver and Bronze Cannes Lions awards for design and a D&AD Graphite Pencil.