What if…artificial intelligence becomes an everyday reality?

To celebrate Landor’s 75th anniversary, we wanted to consider some of the changes that could impact branding in the coming 25 years and beyond. What developments will radically shift our perception of product, brand, and identity? This month’s theme: Artificial Intelligence.

From 2001: A Space Odyssey and Back to the Future to Minority Report and Her, artificial intelligence has been a long-forecasted phenomenon that would someday come to pass. Even Marty McFly couldn’t have predicted all that technology would bring by 2016, however. What if some of Hollywood’s craziest futuristic ideas were really implemented in our daily lives?

Image courtesy of Flickr user Et-Zeichen.
Image courtesy of Flickr user Et-Zeichen.

Did you know that Barbie actually acquired a brain? By making this a reality, Mattel has enabled girls across the world to interact with their dolls. From actively participating in adventures to having Barbies that talk and move, girls can establish a completely new type of relationship with their favorite plastic friend.

What will happen now that A.I. toys are here to stay? Has Ex-Machina shown us the future of human-machine relationships, defining how we will relate to interfaces in a new era?

How do you brand a product that can constantly adapt itself to new people and situations? The level of personalization that artificial intelligence enables would make it extraordinarily difficult to determine a set of concrete traits by which to brand a product. And how to differentiate one brand of A.I. from another? Will different A.I. products function in different ways, and how will factors like culture, gender, and age be addressed by the interface? Airport check-ins or banks could become places where we feel the warmth of an A.I. greeting rather than the chilled, screen-based welcome imposed by the current self-administered process.

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