Marketing and HR: unlikely allies

Brand marketers and HR join forces to drive greater value from the inside out, from employee to customer.

As demand for more connectivity increases across all touchpoints in our lives, the push for end-to-end experience design will require closer relationships between people and product. Employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and employee retention are key to those relationships. Marketing and HR departments that partner together and blur traditional functional siloes are better positioned to attract, engage, and outperform their competition.

With the rise in demand for innovative, creative, and branded employee experiences, leaders from HR and marketing will be 2019’s most critical power team. This new emphasis on the integration between customer experience and employee experience will require diversifying and attracting new types of talent to those roles.

Adobe Max 2018
Adobe Max 2018

For example, Adam Malamut, currently Marriott’s chief customer experience officer, was previously its chief technology officer and spent the earlier part of his career in HR. Furthering its efforts to connect experiences, Marriott recently launched an entirely new department: the team, called Brand Talent, is tasked with reimagining employee experiences that better support the customer. Adobe’s Donna Morris, an early leader in the integration of employee experience and customer experience, was responsible for leading workforce experience and talent before she shifted roles. Companies such as Airbnb have continued to pioneer the elimination of a traditional HR function, going instead with an employee experience group.

This new fluidity between HR and marketing represents a larger movement toward integration and shared services. For instance, the tracking data that informs the design of a more personalized customer experience could be shared with HR, as today’s workforce also demands a more personalized experience.

A 2018 study reported that 95 percent of employees are more likely to be loyal to a company that demonstrates empathy toward their needs. Customers will demonstrate loyalty too—paying 52 percent more for a better experience.