Airlines look to the past to stand out in the future

18 April 2019 — How could it possibly be worthwhile for airlines to park painted planes at airports rather than have them soar? They’re more than just expensive billboards; according to Nick Foley, who says brand is more powerful than flight.

By Nick Foley

Gen Z and brands: A new dynamic

17 April 2019 — You’ve never known a world without the internet in your pocket. Information has never been more than a Google search away. Products are in-hand with just an Amazon order. Friends wait across the screen via WhatsApp while your life is laid out, carefully curated on Instagram.

By Sanjana Mathur

AI for the people: cautious optimism

12 February 2019 — Last month, 180,000 people (including representatives of 4,500 brands and me) traveled to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to get a first look at new gadgets and...

By Thomas Ellingson
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When is a Brand Experience Valuable?

8 February 2019 — The persistent danger is that brands create experiences for experience’s sake rather than in the service of a particular objective, says Thomas Sutton.

By Thomas Sutton
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Festive branding with purpose

7 December 2018 — While the holidays are a great time to engage with consumers, it's also a time when competition is at its peak. How does a brand stand out while staying true to its identity?

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How brands can succeed with social purpose:

19 November 2018 — A look at brands’ evolving commitment to cause Marie Minyo, Executive Director, Client Services, Landor Consumers have long expected the brands they support to care about more than their bottom lines. They...