Trend No. 2: Packaged food producers will respond to pressure

In recent years, consumers have become more and more attuned to where their food comes from, how it’s produced, and its impact on their health. Lines at Chipotle and Shake Shack—restaurants known for their healthy, local ingredients—are out the door, and organic brands like Amy’s Kitchen are thriving. Costco has recently surpassed Whole Foods as the No. 1 seller of organic food, signaling that the move away from artificiality is affecting all areas of the food industry. For our 10 days of trends, John Gass, a general manager at Landor with years of experience in food and beverage, explains how he expects packaged food companies to address the shift to healthier eating in 2016.


Some of the best-known items on grocery store shelves will be affected by this trend. Kraft announced it will be removing artificial coloring from its popular macaroni and cheese mix, while Coca-Cola launched a new soda line, Coca-Cola Life, as a more natural, lower-calorie beverage. Campbell’s plans to reduce the number of ingredients in its soups, beginning with its classic chicken noodle, which has remained a top 10 shelf-stable grocery item in the United States since its conception in 1934.

Image courtesy of flickr user Antonio Campoy.
Image courtesy of flickr user Antonio Campoy.

Look for this trend to increase exponentially in 2016, with packaged food corporations reworking their recipes while simultaneously repositioning their brands and products.

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