There’s extra meaning when the brand has a local address

I spend a lot of my time in New York, and when I’m there, I sometimes walk in Central Park. Usually, somewhere between the 67th Street entrance and Sheep Meadow, I stop to admire the trash cans. It’s not as random as it may sound: Landor designed them as part of our partnership with the Central Park Conservancy. But I like to think that even without the Landor connection, and our Cannes Gold Lion, I’d be drawn to these unique bins because of their innovative design.

Central Park Conservancy Trash Cans Example of Local Brands

At Landor, we work with many global brands that have significant market reach. These engagements are exciting, but often it’s the local brands and connections—the ones we see every day—that have the most meaning. There’s a level of pride and gratification that comes with experiencing the efforts of our work firsthand, whether it’s commuting to work, attending a sporting event, or walking in the park. And, with more than 25 Landor offices around the world, our teams have plenty of opportunities to impact the communities where they live and work. Here are a few examples.

Serving up a fierce new identity in Melbourne

Australian Open Installation for Local Brands

If you tuned in to the Australian Open earlier this year, you witnessed some great tennis in which two sets of long-term rivals faced off against each other—something that hasn’t happened in years. But beyond Federer versus Nadal or the Williams sisters’ final, we unveiled a new identity for the games. I love this beautifully activated work by our Australian team, focused on making tennis accessible anytime, anywhere with a fresh and dynamic brand.

Australian Open Activation for Local Brands

Capturing the spirit of dance in San Francisco

As a contemporary dance company known for its pioneering blend of performance and visual art, ODC has strong roots in the San Francisco community. And it was against this backdrop that our San Francisco team helped ODC launch its new identity, which joins the three parts of the company—a professional dance company, a community-based school, and a performing arts theatre—into one. I love this powerful, unique design which brings to mind the movement and spirit of dance.

ODC Signage Local Brands

Giving old clothes new purpose in London

I travel much of the time, but home is London. And when I have the opportunity to go through my closets for a good spring clean, one of my first stops is the Shwop Drop box near the tills in Marks & Spencer. Our team in London helped create and launch the long-standing Shwopping program—its name a play on the words shop and swap. It encourages customers to donate their unwanted clothes to the stores as they’re shopping for new garments. In addition to reducing waste, the program enables M&S to provide support to Oxfam, which resells, reuses, and recycles the donated clothes. M&S has collected more than 20 million pieces of clothing since the program launched in 2008.

M&S Shwopping identity campaign

Whether I’m in New York or Melbourne, San Francisco or London, I’m always inspired when I see how our work layers into the fabric of our communities, looking good and prompting change.


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