Tasting success: How SmartMade and Devour are breaking the rules of frozen food

A case for change

A shopper enters a grocery store in search of the perfect meal. Up and down the aisles they wander. What will catch their eye?

More and more, processed frozen foods are being forgotten, with consumers looking elsewhere for convenience and cost savings. With this in mind, Kraft Heinz needed a new approach to its frozen meals. The goal: positively impact consumer perception of its frozen food brand, SmartOnes, and create new offerings that would better meet consumers’ needs. Together, Landor and the SmartOnes team developed two new line extensions: SmartMade and Devour.

SmartMade and Devour packaging


SmartOnes wanted to distance its brand from diet options and focus more on balance and taste. In doing so, it hoped to target consumers interested in health and nutrition rather than just calorie counting. To accomplish this, it needed to break through the clutter of grocery store freezer cases, where every package features photography of steaming hot ready-to-eat meals.

To create SmartOne’s new subbrand and communicate its products’ natural ingredients and simple cooking techniques, Landor deconstructed the meal to focus on high-quality, healthy ingredients. The name SmartMade embraces the idea that each packaged meal is made with just as much care as food prepared at home. Together, these approaches help turn appetite appeal into art—and strongly communicate the information that health-conscious consumers desire.


The frozen food category has long offered consumers two main options: small, low-calorie, single-serve meals and a smattering of more flavorful higher-calorie choices. Kraft Heinz saw an opportunity to fulfill an unmet need in frozen meals—a choice that is not just convenient but also appetizing and filling. Enter its new range of indulgent, screw-the-calorie meals targeted at time-strapped men in their 20s and 30s.

Landor’s brand development process delivered positioning, architecture, and package design. The brand name, Devour, boldly gives men permission to eat away. Meanwhile the crave-worthy, sophisticated packaging showcases mouthwatering food on a fork, an iconic symbol that complements Devour’s playful and provocative brand campaign called Food You Want to Fork.

Bringing home the gravy

Landor’s teams delivered our work for both SmartMade and Devour in just nine weeks, hitting shelves in record time.

Both products were a major bright spot in Kraft Heinz’s August 2017 earnings report. Although the company’s overall sales declined, Kraft Heinz’s chief operating officer of the United States, Georges El-Zoghbi, noted that SmartMade and Devour helped build consumption and lead growth within the company’s frozen business.


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