What if…Landor goes galactic?

A look to the future, a nod to the past. In this fantastical What if…? blog celebrating our 75th anniversary, Marc Hershon reports on the future of Landor Galactic 75 years from today.

Landor Galactic: A Terra Times profile

By Marc Hershon
Intergalactic reporter, The Terra Times

2091. Nine years till a new century. One year into a new decade. A seemingly arbitrary date. And yet one of great significance. Why? It’s the 150th birthday of Landor—or Landor Galactic—as it’s now called.

Landor Galactic symbolizes a new era for the company and a new commitment to innovation, creativity, and inspiration. By extending its presence beyond Earth’s atmosphere—including a planned expansion to Mars and Europa—Landor will offer clients originality and unique perspective beyond the bounds of the expected. Having recently shuttered its office on the moon in favor of its more agile asteroidal locale, Landor Galactic’s chief creative officer Peter Knapp II explained the move saying, “The old office simply had no atmosphere!”

Touring Landor Galactic’s new Klamath Asteroid office, I was stunned by the incredible views of the Sagittarius A* black hole and the Little Gem Nebula. I was also amazed by the nearby WPP lunar communications satellite, the Sir Martin Ranger. In celebration of Landor’s 150th year, WPP emblazoned the satellite with the bright yellow Landor Galactic logo, making it a must-see on your journey to the office.


During my tour, CMO Wells Wade, son of longtime Landor global marketing director Trevor Wade, explained the history of Landor Galactic. He reflected, “When we decided to purchase and retrofit this asteroid, we knew it would need an impactful and appropriate name. We decided to dub it the Klamath Asteroid after the moniker of our former aquatic headquarters, the Klamath ferryboat. Hopefully this asteroid will be a place of inspiration for current and future generations of Landorian strategists and designers.”

When we look back at the history of branding agencies’ first forays into space, it’s clear that Landor made some critical strategic decisions that cemented its spot on the leading edge of terra-cosmic branding. The Wild West of early space commerce caused the undoing of many traditional firms. But Landor’s foundational research on agile brands proved instrumental in its success, helping guide clients through the seemingly paradoxical constraints of maintaining a strong terrestrial brand while focusing on galactic expansion.

Interestingly, by the mid-2040s, the concept of brand agility had seemingly been relegated to the “quaint” bin by the Wall Street Journal-Times (itself now just a dim memory in the digital news business). But by the early 2070s, the first inklings of lunar branding led to a revolution in the industry, making agility a hot topic for brands set on cosmic growth. The Agility Paradox and Landor’s subsequent research on brand communities enabled the company to lead the charge in trans-galactic and terra-cosmic branding and governance practices.

If there’s one thing to learn from Landor Galactic’s transformation into an inter-cosmic powerhouse, it’s that no matter the challenges, brands can stretch to meet new customer expectations and changing market conditions if supported by proper strategic rigor. Whether your brand is represented in e-ink blasts, holo-labels, or on the trans-galactic web, it’s clear that Landor has the talent and know-how to guide your brand into the future.

In the words of the great Walter Landor, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” And the minds at Landor are pushing branding into frontiers never before imagined.


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