Has the logo design brief changed?

Despite the advent of smartphones and applications, the basics of logo design have not changed. The challenge is to create an idea that fits the brand and embodies what the company stands for in one visual; however, we now have to remember to think of digital as the first step rather than the last. The icon must look good not only on the website, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The proliferation of brands and products has made it difficult in this age; however, we are able to offer many more digital deliverables to the client. We must realise that fifteen years ago, the touchpoints were stationery, fliers, and posters. Five years ago, it was all about PowerPoint presentations. Today, the logo, website, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn page form the face of your company; however, there should be symmetry between e-commerce and retail stores. They cannot look and feel different. You have to marry them to craft a seamless look and feel for the brand.

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