Finance made simple: Landor and Skye help customers breathe easy

Another late payment fee. Uber is surging. Your friend didn’t pay you back. Rent’s due. The dishwasher broke down. When’s pay day again?

Skye: The Digital Wordmark

Sometimes we all need a little breathing room. Skye is a credit card that lets you breathe easy with payment terms suited to you.

Skye: Bringing the Brand to Life

A solution for one, a solution for all 

FlexiGroup, a diversified financial services company, designed a credit card to help consumers easily manage and control day-to-day or unexpected repayments, offering 90 days payback on any purchase, instead of the standard 60-day terms. Its flexible, longer-term options are based specifically on the individual customer’s needs, helping take the stress out of finance.

Skye: The Digital App

Getting to the heart of the problem

Although its card had obvious benefits, FlexiGroup observed an unusual trend: Customers were using its longer-term credit card for one-off financing of high-value items, but never using it again—with no clear explanation for their decision. FlexiGroup came to Landor to understand more about this consumer behavior and to find a solution to remedy it.

Skye Credit Card Skye Apple Watch app

To get to the heart of the problem, we talked to people both inside and outside FlexiGroup’s organization, gaining clarity on the advantages and disadvantages of the card’s features, while also gaining insight on user feedback and the competitive landscape. Through in-depth conversations with psychologists, entrepreneurs, and consumers, we exposed negative feelings associated with credit financing—feelings like fear, guilt, and shame.

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Creating space to breathe

Although the card was designed to give control and flexibility back to consumers, this benefit wasn’t being recognized by customers. We created a design solution to mimic the benefits of the card, a design that conveys the feelings of breathing easy with stress-free finances.

Skye: Credit Made Calm

Breathing easy

We named the card Skye to evoke feelings of endless space. We then filmed ourselves breathing and mapped the motion across the brand to create a visual expression founded in calm movement.

Skye: The Digital Brand Experience

From the logo to the photography and iconography, we replicated the measured movement of breath to signify a brand that literally breathes easy. Its warm and personable color palette, paired with a friendly brand voice, brings Skye’s vision for stress-free finance to life. The visual expression humanizes a traditionally cold and corporate financial product, encouraging consumers to take charge of their finances in a way that works for them.

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