24 hours with Landor’s Nick Foley

30 April 2018 — In Mumbrella Asia’s latest “24 hours with” segment, Nick Foley—the Singapore-based president of Landor Southeast Asia, Pacific, and Japan—navigates his way through the dreaded weekly finance meeting, a pitch rehearsal, a nerf gun fight, and more.

By Nick Foley

Brand highs, lows, and heroes of Super Bowl LII

7 February 2018 — Who were the brand winners of Super Bowl LII? Christopher Lehmann lays out the plays of the game—and the biggest fumbles of the day. Here's what you need to know.

By Christopher Lehmann

Landor gets personal: Brands that put consumers first

30 January 2018 — Personalization and customization can be tricky territories for brands: How much is enough, and how much is too much? Mary Zalla, Landor's global president of consumer brands, weighs in on how brands can find the right balance.

By Mary Zalla

What cities can teach us about brands

24 January 2018 — Cities are many things: centers of history, cultural melting pots, even hiding places. And they are also brands unto themselves. Ronita Mukerjee draws inspiration from her travels as she gleans three key branding lessons from cities.

By Ronita Mukerjee